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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

At Keach Construction, we pride ourselves on doing it right the first time. From project conception, to estimating, project set up, construction and closeouts – Keach Construction delivers the best quality every time.


Preconstruction begins when an idea becomes a decision to improve.  All future decisions - especially those made early – have an impact on the project.  Having someone on the team early and with knowledge of the Construction Needs of your Specific Project Type is extremely valuable.  By doing the early work of developing a thorough knowledge of each Team Member’s role and needs and – importantly – conveying the needs of Construction, a reliable Budget and Schedule can be established before Construction begins, enabling a more relaxed and detailed focus to be made on the daily activities of the project.



Your project will be Estimated by the Project Executive with the involvement of the entire Project Team, ensuring a seamless transition into the Construction Phase.  Our thorough understanding of the various cost elements, specific and detailed knowledge of the Tradecrafts, and experience with the Local Construction Market will allow us to give you the most accurate Estimate.



As Ben Franklin said, “Time is Money”.  Beginning in Preconstruction, our thorough understanding of the relationships and sequencing between the various Trades allows us to create an efficient Schedule with a workflow that benefits the entire Team.  We will create a Schedule that includes Owner Activities, Design, Permitting, Procurement, Construction, and Occupancy and share this information with all parties to ensure Current Information is always available.  With our active participation during Preconstruction and valuable experience on similar projects, we will create a Schedule that saves Time and Money.



Our Superintendents are Professionals and are always on-site during Construction.  They coordinate work more efficiently by understanding what each Trade is there to accomplish and by encouraging all workers on site to do the same.  Also, with a thorough knowledge of Facilities, our Site Management team is adept at implementing the project’s Design Intent into the Facility’s existing and/or future infrastructure.  Finally, our Superintendents understand that the Client has a Business to run, and that construction can cause disturbances, especially in Occupied Spaces.  By coordinating closely with the important Staff Members and Facility Managers and with our experience working in Occupied Spaces – including Sterile Environments - we can minimize these disturbances and enable Business to continue.

Site Management


Although the Construction Industry is increasingly specialized, there will always be a need for “Builders”.  Those who like to do things themselves.  Most of your project will be completed by specialized Trades, but we are proud to retain the “Builder” mentality and can competently Self-Perform Framing, Carpentry, Concrete, and minor Grading.  We also commonly install doors, accessories and specialties, Owner-furnished items, etc.

Self Performance


The most important aspect of Site Management, Safety isn’t a buzz word.  Its Caring about people.  If we do that, then implementing our Safety Program and following Industry-Established Policies and Procedures becomes a Want.  Our Superintendents are Good, Caring people and are all OSHA Certified with desire to keep everyone Safe.  No matter the type, size, or location of a project, there is always a need to Care about the Health and Well-Being of ourselves and those around us.  We do that.

Safety Management
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